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5 Ramen Recipes Using Ingredients You Have at Home!

We’re about bringing the ramen bar to you and bringing you rich, decadent broth and organic ramen noodles made from scratch every day.

Mike's Mighty Good
11 June 2020
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Here are 5 super easy recipes you can make with ingredients you probably have at home! Make your own ramen bar and enjoy the tastes of comfort.

#1: Creamy Sriracha Ramen

Creamy and spicy might as well be our middle names. Have some sriracha, milk, and veggies? If so, you’re ready to whip up this bowl of comfort.

This recipe is such a simple way to take your ramen to the next level in just a few steps. See the full recipe here.

#2: Loaded Veggie Ramen

This bowl takes just minutes to cook up and it is packed with flavor! Our vegetarian vegetable broth is the perfect canvas for veggies and a soft boiled egg.

Leave out the egg for a vegan meal that’s just as delicious! See the full recipe here.

#3: Breakfast Ramen

No need to go out for brunch!

This recipe is literally so easy, and will be sure to satisfy all of your breakfast cravings. Bacon and eggs are a classic combination that work perfectly with spicy pork tonkotsu ramen! See the full recipe here.

#4: Beef Broccoli Ramen

It’s a classic combo we all love: beef and broccoli. A quick, easy marinade makes the meat burst with flavor for a perfect complement to steamed broccoli.

We’re ready to dive in! See the full recipe here.

#5: Vegan Tofu Ramen

A simple, delicious ramen made vegan friendly! Pan fried tofu and veggies are the perfect topping for our vegetarian vegetable ramen.

Feel free to customize and add your own favorite veggies! See the full recipe here.

Click here to see all of our recipes!

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