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Tonkotsu Ramen; Recipes & More!

Today we’re exploring this fun ramen dish, and we’re also sharing some of our favorite tonkotsu ramen recipes so you can see for yourself how absolutely amazing it is.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

Breakfast Ramen Recipes

Since we’re such big fans of ramen bowls around here, we’re diving into yet another way to glam-up your bowl of instant ramen noodles, in one of the most fun ways (we think) possible: breakfast style.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

How to Make Ramen Noodles in the Microwave

We all love a gourmet moment, but sometimes- you really just want something fast and delicious. Keep reading to learn how to make the perfect microwave ramen!

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

What is TBQH?

Unlike the popular brands of your college days-gone-by, our ramen noodle seasonings are crafted with simple, flavorful ingredients- sans the TBHQ, of course. What is TBHQ, you ask? We’re diving into that here!

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

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