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Mike’s Very Fresh Noodles

For us, a warm bowl of ramen noodles offers comfort and nostalgia, as well as an easy dinner- both of which we are eternally grateful for these days. Today, we’re celebrating one of truest loves; instant ramen.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

Date Night Recipes

On any given stay-at-home date-night, there’s a very good chance that we can be found slurping on a shared bowl...

Mike's Mighty Good in Lifestyle

A Brief History of Ramen Noodles

In this article, we explore how ramen made its way from a favorite side dish of the Japanese working class to virtually every supermarket in the United States.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

Steamed Noodles are Infinitely Better Than Fried. Here’s Why:

Here we’re breaking down the difference between fried noodles and steamed noodles, so keep reading for some gourmet noodle knowledge.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

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