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Category: Recipe Roundups

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Seafood Ramen; Recipe Roundup

Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite ways to prepare a bowl of noodles; Seafood style.

Mike's Mighty Good in Recipe Roundups

Ramen Toppings 101: Chashu Pork

Give your bowl of noodles a little extra oomph by incorporating chashu pork to your ramen toppings repertoire. We promise... you’ll be hooked!

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

Tonkotsu Ramen; Recipes & More!

Today we’re exploring this fun ramen dish, and we’re also sharing some of our favorite tonkotsu ramen recipes so you can see for yourself how absolutely amazing it is.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

Breakfast Ramen Recipes

Since we’re such big fans of ramen bowls around here, we’re diving into yet another way to glam-up your bowl of instant ramen noodles, in one of the most fun ways (we think) possible: breakfast style.

Mike's Mighty Good in Ramen 101

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