To kick off the start of our My Craft series, we interviewed Alyssa Hada – a student, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She talked to us about her inspiration, how she got started and what fashion means to her.

We started this series to explore and honor the crafts that you carefully hone in your own life. We hope to ignite and inspire you with the stories of those who do so for us. Our goal is to help you understand the true craft of ramen. We craft our own noodles from scratch and mix our own insanely rich broth to fuel your creativity. It’s all about giving you the fuel to make your own dreams a reality. What is your craft?

Alyssa, a 3rd year college student, first got started on her fashion Instagram back in high school. What started off as a personal passion project launched her into the sphere of fashion blogging. What you see on her Instagram feed is a carefully curated collection of photos that best represent her style and personal story. What you don’t see are the 100+ photos that she took to get the 1 that fits her creative story.

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into each post, but when it comes to something that you love doing, it’s a fun creative project. Over the years, her feed has changed from a minimalist look to a vibrant, colorful lifestyle. Alyssa’s Instagram page is not just made up of aesthetic photos, but it is a reflection of her identity and how it has changed over the years.

“When I’m creating my identity in fashion, I’m kind of expressing something that’s authentic to myself and reflects my own personality. To me, creating in fashion is crafting my own specific identity.” -Alyssa Hada