The Mike’s Mighty Good Story

photo of ramen cooking

The Mike’s Mighty Good Story begins in 2012, when Mike asked a simple question: “why doesn’t the ramen I buy in the store taste like the ramen I can get in a ramen bar?” He realized that someone had to make ramen bar-quality ramen accessible to everyone and that with over 30 years of experience in natural foods under his belt, he set out to do it.

Mike made countless trips to Japan to learn the art of ramen. He focused on ramen bar style noodles and now to make them organic. He also wanted to share the rich broths of ramen bar ramen with everyone and to make them with simple ingredients he could pronounce.

Five years later, we mix, steam, and dry our own organic noodles in-house each day. We buy the best ingredients and enjoy sharing the culinary joys of ramen with everyone.

Mike’s Mighty Good is committed to helping you making world-class ramen anywhere.

Enjoy our organic noodles and broths alone or with a few simple toppings, you can transform any bowl into a work of art. Trust us, we kind of love ramen.

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