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4.7 ( 14 Customer Reviews )

Mike's Mighty Good | SKU: 2-0-8-15677-02208-8

Pork Tonkotsu Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

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Reviews of Mike's Mighty Good Pork Tonkotsu Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

4.7 ( 14 Customer Reviews )
  1. Susan

    Delicious but not filling
    Review by Susan on 11 Jan 2020review stating Delicious but not fillingI love the flavor of the broth in this ramen. It’s honestly the best prepackaged I’ve had. However, the amount of noodles we get in a single package is so small (and the noodles are very short or broken), it’s not very filling. Even if I add meat and veggies to bulk this up, it becomes like making regular ramen with just not having to make the broth. For that much work, I’d rather just use ramen noodles from a package instead. A couple years ago, I asked about whether they’d consider a double-noodle option, which I’d seen at a local ramen shop, but I see that’s still not an offering yet. Bummer. Not worth the cost, even if buying at a store.

  2. Rob

    Tasty lunchtime fare. I have a swallowing issue, so a lot of foods are difficult for me, but this is not, very soft if directions are followed. Easy to make using an electric kettle. Plus they delivered in bulk during the pandemic lockdown.

  3. ccganesh

    My kids are addicted to the chicken ramen. (We are a case a month subscribers!) But this was a new huge favorite. They are putting a lot of great flavors out there. Just need a new 24 count mixed case now for us to subscribe to.

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