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5.0 ( 16 Customer Reviews )

Mike's Mighty Good | SKU: 2-0-8-15677-02233-28

Ramen Pillow Pack Best Sellers Sampler Pack
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Reviews of Mike's Mighty Good Ramen Pillow Pack Best Sellers Sampler Pack

5.0 ( 16 Customer Reviews )
  1. Renee P.
    Renee P.

    Yum Yum and not terrible for your tum!
    Having been stationed in Korea for a year and eaten them regularly, my husband really likes ramen noodles. We became concerned about the additives in regular store bought ramen noodles a few years ago and have been looking for a good substitute ever since. These are definitely it! Mike’s are much better than any store bought noodle I’ve ever had and my husband has given them a big thumbs up. Thanks for making these!

  2. David L.
    David L.

    Healthy Quick Ramen Option
    Can’t say I’ve had a better instant ramen. The other air dried noodles have always been too doughy and raw. These are the best and the flavors are rich enough to compete with a homemade stock in many cases. I prefer the cup ramen though for convenience and texture.

  3. Leon T.
    Leon T.

    Great product, using a small steamer with a ceramic pot insert. I steam the ramen for several minutes and stir in the seasoning pack. Perfect ramen every time. Great customer service if needed.

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