Made with Steamed, not fried, Ramen Noodles and Insanely Rich Broth with Simple Ingredients
Savor the Good and Fuel Your Inner Foodie

we started with a simple question
craft ramen for a new generation

Our vision is to make ramen bar quality ramen accessible to everyone. We are passionate about great food and wanted to make steamed ramen paired with insanely rich broths using simple ingredients.  We wanted also wanted to create a community hub for all foodies to have fun, learn, and experiment with flavor in an entirely different way. Joining our ramen revolution is about embracing your inner chef no matter how busy you are. It’s about choosing broth ingredients you recognize and a simpler kind of comfort food. We wanted to raise the bar on instant ramen.

Our story begins in 2014 when Mike, who grew up with his own organic garden, asked himself “why doesn’t the ramen in stores taste like the ramen in the best ramen bars?”. He couldn’t understand why this taste gap existed and set off to do something about it. He decided to use his culinary background in spices to make a new twist on his favorite comfort food: instant ramen. It wasn’t easy and, in fact, took several years to get it right. It was in 2017 that we first shared our ramen with the world and our hope is that comfort food will never be the same.

Mike’s Mighty Good is a different kind of instant ramen: craft ramen. We’re insanely delicious, simple to make, made with simple ingredients, and not too salty. We believe having fun with flavor and do things our own way. We literally make our organic ramen noodles in-house and from scratch each day and commit to steaming, not flash frying them. We never use palm oil in our products and package our cups in paper from certified sustainably-managed forests.

We’re mighty proud of the food that we create and believe that the best food should taste good and make you feel good about what you’re eating. Doing things differently means making shaking things up.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Steamed, not fried, ramen noodles made from scratch

Yep, you heard us. From scratch! Our noodles are quick-cooking and great-tasting, but we leave out all the oil from frying them and instead steam, then dry our noodles. That means we take fresh flour, water, and salt and use them to create our own noodles each day. Want to learn more about how we make our instant noodles?

Rich broths made with simple ingredients

Know what we love? Having fun, building memories, and getting creative in the kitchen or on the go. We’re passionate about giving you the perfect canvas for your foodie creations: our ridiculously amazing broths. We make 9 (you heard us – 9!) different broth flavors with ingredients you can actually pronounce

Ramen that’s not too salty

Ever felt weighed down after a too-salty meal? We have too, so we made our ramen a little different. We’re packed with flavor, but don’t overdo it on the salt, so you can feel like you even after slurping down a big bowl of ramen.

Vegetarians, Vegans, and Gluten-friendly foodies are welcome!

We know it can be hard to find a great-tasting vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-friendly ramen out there, so we made some of our own. Check out our two plant-based flavors, Vegetarian Kimchi and Vegetarian Vegetable as well as our gluten-friendly flavor made with rice noodles, Beef Pho.

Step 1. MIX

Organic wheat flour, sea salt, and water to get mixed into dough.

Step 2. PRESS

Dough is pressed to form sheet

Step 3. ROLL

Dough is rolled out again and again and again…

Step 4. SLIT

Dough sheet is slitted into fine noodles 

Step 5. STEAM

Noodles are steamed, not fried, to cook 

Step 6. CUT

Long noodles are cut into individual portions 

Step 7. SHAPE

Noodles are formed into cup shape 

Step 8. DRY

Noodles are dried and ready for packaging 


Noodles, broth, and oil packet are placed into cup and ready to cook