Insanely Rich Broth

Simple Ingredients

Not Too Salty

Steamed Organic Noodles


Craft Ramen

Made by the Sun

Know what's cool? Organic ramen noodles that are steamed not fried and made from scratch. Know what's cooler? When they're made with renewable energy. We make all our ramen in a factory powered with enough solar power to displace over 1,000,000 lbs of carbon per year according to data from PG&E.

Organic Ramen Noodes

Steamed not Fried

We're pretty proud of the fact that we make our ramen noodles a different way. See, most companies flash fry their ramen noodles. Not Mike's Mighty Good. We literally make our ramen in-house from scratch in California each day and make them steamed and organic, not flash fried and full of weird stuff, so you can feel good about enjoying it.

Ridiculously Good

Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen

Guess what? Vegan ramen can be BOMB! We believe in making plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian ramen that is insanely delicious, packed with flavor, and made with good things. We make 5 different vegan ramen flavors and make them all with simple ingredients, way lower sodium than the leading ramen brand, and steamed not fried organic ramen noodles.

Easy Ramen Recipes

Comfort Ramen - Spam & Eggs

Comfort Ramen - Spam & Eggs

This comforting ramen bowl is inspired by the classic combination of spam and eggs, which is a popular breakfast dish in many parts of the world. ...

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Soy Butter Ramen

Soy Butter Ramen

Do you want to spice up your mealtime with a delicious and easy-to-make dish? Look no further than this Soy Butter Ramen recipe. This mouth-wateri...

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