Notice of Financial Incentive

From time to time, we may offer promotion codes or other discounts on our products in exchange for your voluntary enrollment or registration in our mailing list, newsletter, email updates, contests, or other similar services (collectively, “Programs”).  To provide these Programs, we use the personal information you provide such as your email address and telephone number.  The law may view the collection and retention of this personal information in exchange for your participation in the Programs as a “financial incentive.” 

You may opt into the Programs by completing the various submission forms available on our sites that request your personal information for participation in the Programs.  To opt-out of a Program, please email us at 

Taking operating cost and purchase behavior into consideration, the personal information we collect in exchange for your participation in the Programs is valued at approximately $3.69 per email address and $3.69 per telephone number.   This value is an estimate and may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the efficacy of our marketing communications, expenses relating to the offering of the Programs and the revenue generated by our business.

For additional information about our data collection and sharing practices, please review our Privacy Policy If you have a disability that prevents or limits your ability to access this notice, please email us at  We will work with you to provide this notice in an alternative format.