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4.9 ( 29 Customer Reviews )

Mike's Mighty Good | SKU: 2-0-8-15677-02206-4

Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

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Reviews of Mike's Mighty Good Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup Cup

4.9 ( 29 Customer Reviews )
  1. Sarah Womack
    Sarah Womack

    This is the best ramen I have ever had! The noodles are delicious and the seasoned broth is absolutely to die for! I’m so glad I picked this up while on a shopping trip outside of town. I hope to be able to find it locally very soon!

    • Mike's Mighty Good
        Verified Customer
      Mike’s Mighty Good

      Thank you Sarah! We’re so glad to hear that!

  2. Gregory

    This has got to be the best ramen the world has ever tasted. My favorite is the Chicken Broth, roasted garlic. It is absolutely amazing. A must have in my pantry. So expensive, though.

  3. Anna S.
    Anna S.

    One of the best ramen cups
    This has become ine of my favourite instant ramen I can get from the store. The one that beats it out is Nongshim Shin Ramyun. However if someone doesnt like spicy ramen, this is for them. Its delicious on its own, but even better with some shallot, parsley, egg, watermelon radish, mushrooms, maybe a little oyster sauce and a sprinkle of MSG. Adding veggies makes it super filling without adding a lot of calories to it. However you can enjoy the full flavour it has (yet… Oddly simple at the same time) on its own as well.

    I always need to cook this longer in the microwave (2 and 1/2 minutes) or else the noodles are crunchy even after the wait time. I also need to watch while cooking it and repetitively stop the cook time. Ive never had luck using the boiling water method, the noodles always end up super underdone. This difficulty is the only bad thing about this ramen, but with how tasty it is, its worth the effort.

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