This 28-pack sampler is the best way to try all our pillow pack flavors! Meet our insanely delicious instant  ramen pillow packs. They're perfect for a gourmet dinner at home or in your dorm room, ready in about 6 minutes, and taste like having a restaurant ramen experience anywhere you go. People are often surprised that an instant ramen can be so ridiculously good. This is not like the ramen of college years past. We have ridiculously rich broth, simple ingredients, 40% less sodium per ounce than the leading brand, and steamed not fried Organic ramen noodles we make in-house from scratch.

Mike's Mighty Good

Original Ramen Pillow Pack - Sampler Pack

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Insanely Rich Broth

Simple Ingredients

Not Too Salty

Steamed Organic Noodles