The Key Components of A Restaurant-Quality Chicken Ramen Bowl

We're going to explore the key elements that turn a simple bowl of chicken ramen into a real culinary gem.

We'll chat about the magic behind crafting that perfect broth – you know, the one that warms your soul. Then, we'll take a peek at the special ingredients that give it that depth of flavor you crave. And guess what? Mike's Mighty Good ramen broth is here to save the day, giving you all that amazing taste without the hassle.

So when's the right time for a chicken ramen fix? Picture this: a chilly evening when comfort food is calling, a tough day when you need a pick-me-up, or a cozy get-together with friends. It's all about savoring the goodness in those special moments. Grab a bowl, and let's dive into some seriously tasty chicken ramen!

We'll delve into the art of crafting the perfect broth, explore the ingredients that lend depth to its flavor, and reveal how using Mike's Mighty Good ramen saves time without compromising on taste. Plus, we'll share some delectable toppings and moments when you might want to indulge in chicken ramen.

The Key Components of A Restaurant-Quality Chicken Ramen Bowl

The Broth

At the heart of every great chicken ramen lies its rich broth. The key to a restaurant-quality broth is achieving the perfect balance of flavors. The broth should be creamy, umami-packed, and delicately seasoned. The umami taste can come from a combination of ingredients such as chicken bones, dried shiitake mushrooms, kombu (seaweed), soy sauce, and mirin.

The quality and selection of ingredients are vital in elevating your chicken ramen to the next level. Chicken bones, chicken feet, and chicken wings are excellent choices to form the base of your broth. Additionally, the inclusion of vegetables like onions, garlic, and ginger adds complexity to the flavor profile. For a vegan or vegetarian-friendly option, substitute the chicken with tofu or a medley of roasted vegetables.

Ramen noodles

The Noodles

In the world of ramen, noodles are the rockstars of flavor transportation. Squiggly, chewy ramen noodles team up with tender chicken and umami-packed broth to create a restaurant-quality chicken ramen bowl.

Fresh noodles make the biggest difference. Restaurants make fresh noodles, giving them a bouncy, chewy texture. Instant ramen, on the other hand, is usually fried in oil and then dried, giving it a different flavor and texture.

Here at Mike’s Mighty Good, we steam our noodles rather than fry them. This gives the noodles a chewiness close to what you’d find at a ramen bar that serves fresh noodles. Most instant ramen noodles are fried in oil, giving the noodles a different texture far from what you’d find in a restaurant. Mike’s Mighty Good noodles are also organic and made fresh daily using simple ingredients.

Ramen noodles

The Toppings

The magic of a chicken ramen bowl lies in its versatility. Adding the right ramen toppings can take your ramen from ordinary to extraordinary. Some popular toppings include:

  • Soft-boiled eggs: The creamy yolk complements the savory broth, adding an indulgent touch.
  • Sliced scallions: Offers a fresh, sharp flavor that balances the richness of the broth.
  • Bamboo shoots: Brings a delightful crunch and subtle earthiness.
  • Nori (seaweed): Provides a hint of oceanic flavor and an appealing texture.
  • Corn kernels: Adds sweetness and a pop of color to the bowl.

Feel free to get creative and experiment with other toppings like sesame seeds, bean sprouts, or even a drizzle of chili oil for a spicy kick.

Ramen toppings

Why Chicken Ramen?

Whether you're looking for a quick and comforting meal during a busy workday, a soothing remedy for a cold or flu, or a soul-nourishing dish to enjoy with friends on a cozy evening, chicken ramen fits the bill. It's an awesome choice for gatherings, potlucks, or when you simply crave a taste of Japanese cuisine.

Mike’s Mighty Good Ramen

Creating a restaurant-quality chicken ramen bowl from scratch can be a laborious process, requiring several hours of simmering and cooking. Mike's Mighty Good offers ready-to-use ramen, including two different chicken flavors: a fried garlic chicken pillow pack and a chicken ramen cup. Using instant ramen not only saves time but ensures consistency in taste, allowing you to enjoy a solid bowl of quality chicken ramen in minutes. 


We use simple ingredients, organic ramen noodles that are steamed rather than fried, and lower sodium than leading ramen brands.

Final Thoughts

There's something undeniably satisfying about a well-crafted bowl of chicken ramen. With its rich and flavorful broth, chewy noodles, and delectable toppings, it's a dish that truly transports you to the heart of Japan. While making your own broth and noodles from scratch can be rewarding, Mike's Mighty Good ramen offers a convenient and delicious option for those who seek authentic restaurant-quality chicken ramen without the lengthy preparation.

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