Furikake Egg Ramen

Ah, an egg on top of ramen, simplicity at its finest. Eggs are undoubtedly one of the best ramen toppings of all time, and sometimes we like to spice it up with a little extra zhuzh. What better pairing than furikake and a fried egg?

Furikake Egg Ramen

This 3-ingredient recipe is easy enough to make in 10 minutes and flavorful enough to satisfy your tastebuds. This dish is perfect for those couple of days before you buy groceries where you have precisely 2 eggs and some old veggies left in the fridge plus whatever's left in the pantry (feel free to toss in the old veggies, too).

Here are some other easy one-step ramen upgrades with ingredients you might already have. Personalize this recipe however you'd like with any toppings, mix-ins, and garnishes you think would enhance your dish.

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