How to Make Short Rib Ramen

Run, don't walk to the kitchen when thinking of trying this recipe! Our organic ramen noodles and rich spicy broth make the perfect pair with tender beef.

Mike's Mighty Good spicy beef ramen noodle cup is the ideal noodle and soup base for this dish. The broth is insanely rich, spicy, and savory.

Learn How to Make Short Rib Ramen

Grab some short ribs, Gochujang, and kimchi for this Korean-inspired recipe. You're going to marinate beautiful short ribs before searing them. While your meat is cooking, make the perfect ramen egg to sit atop your bowl. 

Finally assemble all your ingredients: short ribs, egg, kimchi, green onions, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Short Rib Ramen Recipe

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