Red Curry Vegetarian Ramen

Need some comfort food? This new recipe is basically comfort in a bowl. Life can be stressful, a bit overwhelming, and definitely unpredictable. Put together some flavorful, earthy ingredients for a moment of tasty comfort. This recipe is vegetarian, but you can easily make it whatever you want. Want some more protein? Add shrimp or chicken. Want to make it vegan-friendly? Omit the soft boiled egg. It’s easily customizable for whatever mood you’re in!

For this recipe, we used our Vegetarian Vegetable ramen cup. This might not be a flavor you’ve thought of going for if you’re not vegetarian, but trust us, this flavor is for everyone. The broth is rich and flavorful with a slight kick that’s perfect as a base for this curry ramen. The flavor is also vegan/plant based so omit the egg and you have a vegan-approved meal, as well! With only 10 ingredients and about 15 minutes, you’re well on your way to vegetarian ramen comfort.

All you need to do to prep for this recipe is get chop some ingredients. You can also make your noodles and soft boiled egg in your prep stage, but it’s easy enough to cook those at the same time as your curry broth! Slice some white mushrooms and chop fresh ginger for your broth. We also chopped our cilantro and green onion so it’s ready to go during the bowl assembly at the end.

Red Curry Vegetarian Ramen

To make the curry broth for your bowl of comfort, grab a pot and add two tablespoons of your favorite cooking oil. We like to use avocado oil, but any will work here. Heat it over medium-high. Once the oil is heated up, add the sliced white mushrooms and sauté until mushrooms start to get tender. Add in the chopped fresh ginger and sauté for about one more minute, until the ginger becomes fragrant. Reduce the heat to medium and add a heaping tablespoon of red curry paste to the pot. If you want a super rich curry flavor, you can add another tablespoon, we won’t judge.

Pour about a cup of water into the pot and ¼ cup to ½ cup of coconut milk. What kind of coconut milk? Honestly, whatever you have available will work! We used condensed coconut milk and mixed it with some water to make it more of a milky consistency. You can also buy canned coconut milk or use the stuff in the carton that you add to your cereal. Any of these options will add a creamy texture and coconut flavor to bring you closer to comfort.

While your broth is coming to a simmer, cook the ramen noodles in a separate pot. Bring water to a boil, add in the noodles, and cook. Once you’re able to break the noodles apart with a fork, they’re good to go! Drain out excess water and add the noodles to your favorite ramen bowl.

Are you a multitasking champion in the kitchen? Get out another pot, fill about half way with water, and bring it to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add in an egg (or two – again, we don’t judge). Pro tip: make sure your eggs are not straight out of the refrigerator when you add them to the boiling water. The sudden change in temperature can cause the egg to crack! We usually set them on our counter for about 10 minutes beforehand, or even just while the water is coming to a boil. Set your timer for exactly six and a half minutes! Get a large bowl and fill it with water as cold as you can get it. Add in some ice, ice packs, a bag of frozen veggies, whatever you have to get that water icy cold.

When time is up, remove the egg from the boiling water with a slotted spoon and transfer it to the ice bath. This will stop the egg from cooking any further (i.e. becoming hard boiled) and leave you with a soft, jammy yolk. You can leave the egg in the ice bath as long as you like, but once it’s no longer warm to the touch, you can remove it from the ice bath. Peel it, slice down the middle and appreciate the fact that you just made a beautiful soft boiled egg! Here's our guide on how to make the perfect ramen eggn.

Once the broth is simmering, remove the pot from the burner and pour the creamy curry broth over the cooked noodles in your ramen bowl. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and fresh, chopped cilantro. Add the soft boiled egg and squeeze a wedge of lime (or more to taste) for some fresh, acidic flavor. Snap a pic for Instagram, practice your noodle pulls, and dig in!

Red Curry Vegetarian Ramen

Whether you’re a vegetarian or just someone who appreciates insanely rich flavor, this recipe will have you feeling comfy and content.

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