Sirloin Steak Ramen

Inspired by the noodle dish from the movie Parasite, this sirloin steak ramen combines simple ramen noodles with a fancier meat addition.
NBC News writes, "The special ingredient added in 'Parasite'? Sirloin steak. With this, the dish becomes something unique: a collision of social classes, as the premium beef joins cheap instant noodles in an embrace of the film’s identity."
Sirloin Steak Ramen
Ram-Don combines instant ramen and udon-style noodles, but here at Mike's we're going ramen all the way. We know this disqualifies the dish from actually being Ram-Don, so let's just call it a spinoff.
We do combine two different noodles in this dish, though – Mike's Mighty Good Kimchi Ramen and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. Using two different seasoning packets adds a fun, different flavor fusion. Plus, kimchi is traditionally Korean, an homage to the Korean film. 
Savory Sirloin Steak RamenGourmet Ramen with Sirloin Steak


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