Spicy Tofu Ramen

Can you handle the heat? You are definitely going to want to try this delicious bowl of ramen. Make this ramen in an instant using our organic noodles and rich broth. Top it off with tofu marinated in a mixture of gojuchang and soy sauce for a fire combination!

Using Mike's Mighty Good vegetarian vegetable ramen as a base, this dish comes together in just a handful of steps. This recipe is vegetarian and can be made vegan by leaving the egg out.

Spicy Tofu Ramen Bowl with Authentic Japanese Flavor | Mike's Mighty Good

Marinating the tofu infuses so much flavor and results in spicy, salty little flavor bombs. Tofu is a great protein for a flavorful dish because it soaks up sauces like a sponge.

If you don't eat tofu, you could substitute for cubes of chicken instead. But if you haven't tried tofu before, you might be surprised at how delicious it is.

Spicy Tofu Ramen

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"Mike's Mighty Good has permanently changed my lunch game. Never knew an 'instant soup' could be so good."

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast