Spicy Chili Crisp Mac N Cheese Ramen

Instant ramen noodles meet instant Mac N Cheese in this clash of the carbs combo dish. Get ready to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster of flavors with this one-of-a-kind recipe.

Picture this: a mouthwatering mashup that brings together the legendary Mike's Mighty Good Ramen with everyone's guilty pleasure - Instant Mac N Cheese.

Spicy Chili Crisp Mac N Cheese Ramen

First things first, gather your ingredients:

  1. Mike's Mighty Good Ramen – a delightful instant ramen known for its unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. Pick any flavor!
  2. Instant Mac N Cheese – opt for your preferred brand.
  3. Chili Crisp – for a spicy kick and a burst of flavor.
  4. Fresh green onions – to add a refreshing touch and a hint of color to the final masterpiece.

Let's get started! Begin by boiling water and cooking the MMG Ramen noodles to perfection. Once they're done, drain them and set them aside.


Next, cook the instant Mac N Cheese according to the package instructions. Combine the cooked Mac N Cheese with the MMG Ramen noodles in a mixing bowl.

It's time to elevate this dish to a whole new level. Add half of the MMG soup base and seasoning oil to the mix. Stir gently until the noodles are coated with the cheesy, savory flavors.

Now comes the fun part - toppings! Grab your favorite chili crisp, generously sprinkling it over the ramen-mac combo. And to add a final flourish, garnish with finely chopped green onions.

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"Mike's Mighty Good has permanently changed my lunch game. Never knew an 'instant soup' could be so good."

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast