Why You Should Add Butter To Your Ramen

Butter and ramen might not seem like a likely combination, but you would be dead wrong. Ramen and butter are best friends. Adding a small amount of butter to your next bowl is one of the easier ways to step up your ramen game.

Whether you're making a full-on ramen hack, or just an awesome bowl of incredible Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen, a small scoop of butter or two will really transform the flavor of your noodles.

5 Incredible Ways to Add Butter to Your Ramen!

Butter is a fat, and as the old Chef's saying goes "Fat is Flavor". Realistically adding butter to your ramen noodles adds fat and body to the broth that helps carry flavors and umami, creating a rounder, more mouth-watering sensation overall.

Why Adding Butter To Your Ramen is Amazing 

There are definitely a few different ways to approach adding butter to your ramen, and each will add a different dimension to the finished noodles. Whether you're looking for an easy way to add body to your ramen, create something new, or really blow the flavor through the roof, butter is a great way to improve your ramen experience.

The great thing about butter in ramen is that it's super flexible. You can try it with any of our Mike's Mighty Good Craft Ramen Flavors. All of them have insanely rich broth, simple ingredients, not too much sodium, and steamed not fried organic ramen noodles. Shop them HERE

1. Try adding butter directly to the broth.

Adding a few butter slices to your ramen broth as the noodles cook is an awesome way to increase the body and flavor of your ramen.

Most ramen in restaurants is made from bone broth that has tons of protein and fat. When producing craft instant ramen, like the Pork Tonkotsu Ramen or Fried Garlic Chicken Ramen, the flavor is concentrated, and a little extra fat can really add a lot of depth to the flavor. The added fat improves the texture and mouthfeel of the broth, and can help bring all the flavors in the soup into harmony.

Adding butter to your Mikes's Mighty Good Craft Ramen isn't necessary, the flavor of MMG's ramen is already absolutely insane, but if you want to sweeten or deepen the flavor of your bowl, butter is just what the doctor ordered.

Start small by adding a few slices to the boiling water for the ramen and see how you like the flavor, if you want a deeper butter flavor add more to the ramen bowl until you're satisfied!

Butter Ramen Recipes

2. Cheese Corn Ramen Rules.

Cheese corn ramen is a delicious ramen hack that employs the use of butter among other things to create incredible ramen, corn, cheese ambrosia that will have you boiling up a second batch in no time.

This ramen is highly addictive and the butter combines with the corn and mozzarella to give it an incredible sweet and savory flavor that keeps you diving in for bite after bite.

Forget chicken soup for the soul, cheese corn ramen is the best comfort food around. It's rich, hearty and it warms you up instantly, just don't skimp on the butter!

Korean Corn Cheese Ramen

3. Butter and Miso are Best Friends.

Just like the title says, Butter and Miso are best buds. Seriously, these two flavors were made for one another.

Thanks to the long miso fermentation process that transforms soybeans into an insanely tasty flavor base and condiment, the flavor profile of miso is actually quite buttery, so the combination makes a lot of sense.

Whether you're planning on adding a scoopful of miso and a few slices of butter to your next instant ramen packet, or you're starting with an incredible miso flavor, the fusion of miso and butter will never steer you wrong. 

4. Use Butter to Round Out the Spice Level in Your Ramen.

Fats like butter help lower the spice level of foods like ramen, especially when you emulsify the fat into the soup base. The combination of broth and butter helps mute the spiciness of even the hottest ramen bowls.

Sometimes a spicy bowl of ramen sounds like a great idea, and halfway through you might start to reconsider your life choices. This is where a few slices of cold butter can ease the spice level down and ensure you have the most enjoyable ramen experience possible. 

Butter Ramen Hacks

Simply whisk the butter into your ramen soup with your chopsticks or a spoon, and allow the butter to combine/melt fully before continuing to eat.

By constantly stirring your ramen while the butter melts you fully incorporate the butter into the broth and cool the noodles a bit which will help back that spice meter down as well.

5. Try Fusion Recipes Like Instant Ramen Carbonara.

Ramen can be a lot more than just a broth-based noodle soup, and a fusion recipe like this Ramen Carbonara proves that ramen is a truly versatile ingredient and dish.

By adding bacon, parmesan cheese, butter, garlic, salt, and pepper to perfectly cooked ramen noodles, you can have a gourmet pasta dish in minutes. The butter, parmesan cheese, and bacon combine to create an insane flavor bomb of a sauce that's kind of like the best mac and cheese ever.

Stupid Easy Ramen Carbonara

Butter and Ramen Noodles = Best Friends

Butter and ramen noodles are absolutely perfect for one another. With the addition of a few tablespoons of butter, you can deepen and enhance the flavor of your ramen to a crazy degree.

Whether you're making a crazy ramen fusion dish, or simply enjoying a delicious classic bowl of ramen, an ounce of butter is definitely a great way to add an exclamation point to the flavor and body.

"Mike's Mighty Good has permanently changed my lunch game. Never knew an 'instant soup' could be so good."

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast