How to Make Ramen Budae Jigae (Korean Army Stew)

Ramen Budae Jigae, or Korean Army Stew, is one of the most popular hot pot dishes in Korea. It combines American foods like Spam, baked beans, and American cheese with a Korean-style soup base and more typical Korean ingredients like rice cakes and tofu. 

That's why we're using Mike's Mighty Good kimchi ramen pillow pack for the noodles and soup base.

Cook up your veggies, Spam, and tofu. Then, assemble your sauce and boil everything together with the rice cakes and noodles. 
Korean Army Stew
Top with a couple slices of cheese and stir in that melty goodness. This stew is so incredibly hearty – it's definitely one to share! Gather your friends or family and make a few of these army stews together. And if you like Korean food, try your hand at our Korean Fire Noodle recipe.
How to Make Ramen Budae Jigae (Korean Army Stew)

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