Viral Tofu Egg with Ramen

What do you get when you combine craft ramen noodles, soft tofu, Chinese sausage, and egg? A delicious, protein-packed meal! This is an umami bomb that's full of different textures and flavors.

Soft tofu soaks up the delicious sauce and has a nice contrasting texture to the chewy sausage. Learn more about tofu here.

Viral Tofu Egg with Ramen

For craft noodles and a creamy, savory sauce, we're using Mike's Mighty Good chicken ramen cup.

Prepare your sauce using the ingredients listed in the full recipe below. Set that aside while you cook the other components.

Combine cooked ramen noodles and soft tofu in a pan. Drizzle egg on top, plus pieces of sausage and green onions. Cover and let this cook for a couple minutes. Pour sauce on top and let cook for another minute before serving. Enjoy!


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