Seared Steak Ramen

We love an easy one-pot recipe. This one features juicy steak paired with our beef ramen and your favorite veggies. A quick, tasty meal with easy clean up can't be beat!

Beef is one of our favorite ramen toppings; here are 5 ridiculously delicious beef ramen recipes using Mike's Mighty Good craft ramen.

Seared Steak Ramen

Start by slicing and searing strip steak on one minute each side. Add ginger, garlic and scallions and cook for a couple more minutes.

Then, add beef broth, water, ramen noodles and flavor pack, cooking until noodles are soft. Add your favorite veggies and enjoy!

Mike's Mighty Good savory beef ramen is rich but not too salty. We always use simple ingredients and steamed, organic noodles to bring you the best flavor possible.


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