Beyond the Basics: 5 Unexpected Ramen Toppings That Will Blow Your Mind

Feeling a little bored with your instant ramen routine? Adding an egg and some green onions just not cutting it anymore? Instant ramen is a delicious, comforting classic, but it’s easy to fall into a flavor rut.

Well, get ready to transform your bowl! This blog is all about unexpected ramen toppings that will take your comfort food to a whole new level. You might need to be a bit flexible if you’re only used to the norm with your ramen noodles because these are anything but!

Topping #1: Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes, also known as kimchijeon, are a Korean staple with savory, tangy, and slightly spicy flavors thanks to fermented kimchi. Their satisfying crunch and bold taste create a thrilling contrast to the soft noodles and rich ramen broth.

You can find pre-made kimchi pancakes in the frozen or refrigerated sections of many Asian grocery stores. If you’re feeling adventurous, try whipping up your own! There are tons of simple recipes online using kimchi, flour, and a few other basic ingredients. And if you really savor spicy eating, pair with our Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Soup or Spicy Beef Ramen Soup.

Topping #2: Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

OK, this one might seem a little out there, but hear us out! Peanut butter adds a surprising richness and depth of flavor to your ramen.

Think of the way it transforms classic Southeast Asian dishes like satay sauce. That creamy, nutty flavor works beautifully with ramen broth.

But start small! Add a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter to your cooked ramen and stir it in until it melts into the broth. Be mindful of the amount, as peanut butter can easily overpower other flavors. Want a flavor kick? Pair with our Fried Garlic Chicken Ramen Soup for truly tantalizing tastiness.

Topping #3: Bacon


Bacon brings a serious flavor punch to your ramen party! It’s all about that magical taste called umami – a savory, rich, and deeply satisfying flavor found in ingredients like meats, aged cheeses, and mushrooms.

Our Pork Tonkotsu Ramen Soup and Spicy Beef Ramen Soup are heaven with some added bacon. The saltiness and smokiness of bacon heighten the other flavors in your ramen bowl, adding incredible depth. Fry up a few strips of bacon until crispy. Crumble it into bite-sized pieces and toss it on top of your ramen.

Pork Tonkotsu Cup

Bonus points if you have veggies like baby corn or bean sprouts on hand – give them a quick stir-fry in the leftover bacon grease for an extra flavor boost.

Not a fan of crispy? Not a problem! Feel free to add the bacon any way you like it – what matters is that you enjoy the meaty infusion in your ramen.

Topping #4: Pineapple Chunks and Spam

Pineapple Chunks

If you love the sweet-and-salty combo, this one’s for you! Spam adds a salty, meaty richness, while juicy pineapple chunks offer a bright, tangy counterpoint.

Together, they create a surprisingly harmonious flavor fusion that complements the savory ramen broth. You can find pre-cut pineapple chunks in the canned fruit section of your grocery store.

Slice the spam thinly and pan-fry it until golden brown on both sides. Top your ramen with the pineapple and spam for a taste of the tropics in your bowl. 

You’ll discover an entirely new topping option that can open the door to even more creative endeavors, like pairing with our Vegetarian Soy Sauce Ramen Soup. Or, if you favor a bit more spice in your ramen, add it to our Vegetarian Kimchi Ramen Soup for a flavor bonanza.

Kimchi Ramen
Soy Sauce Ramen

Topping #5: Roasted Veggies

Roasted veggies bring sweetness, a pop of color, and a delightful change in texture to your ramen. Plus, they add a healthy dose of nutrients. Try adding roasted veggies to our Beef Brisket Ramen Soup or Chicken Ramen Soup for a homestyle meal that’s sure to delight your tastebuds.

beef brisket
chicken ramen cup

The best veggies for roasting are the ones you enjoy – broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, onions – they all work beautifully. The caramelization from roasting amps up their natural sweetness and pairs perfectly with ramen’s savory broth.

Roasted Vegetables

Chop your veggies of choice, and toss with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and your favorite spices. Roast them in a preheated oven at 400°F (200°C) for about 20-30 minutes or until tender and slightly browned.

Join the Ramen Revolution Today!

Instant ramen gives you the perfect base for your culinary creativity. With a little imagination, those familiar noodles can be the foundation of incredible flavor experiences. Don’t be afraid to experiment – that’s where the real ramen magic happens.

Whether you’re craving a touch of heat, a burst of freshness, or a sweet-and-savory adventure, there’s a topping out there waiting to transform your bowl.

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Mike’s Mighty Good philosophy is all about embracing bold flavors, just like this blog! So, join the ramen revolution and let your taste buds go wild.

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