Ramen on a Budget: 5 Easy & Delicious Recipes for College Students

Ramen – everybody loves those iconic noodles. They’re the ultimate budget meal, certainly. But it’s also the perfect base for all kinds of culinary creativity. Whether you’re short on time, funds, or cooking skills, we have just the thing to turn your humble ramen pack into a legit feast.

ramen on a budget - recipes for college students

Let’s bust the myth that ramen life is just a bunch of soggy noodles and flavor packets. With a few tricks, you’ll be whipping up a restaurant-worthy bowl in your dorm room with minimal effort. Ready for some trendy tips?

Get Ready to Level Up Your Ramen Game

Forget boring ramen nights. With a few clever twists, your dorm room becomes a test kitchen for exciting new flavors.  Here are five delicious recipes perfect for busy students on a budget:

1. Creamy Sriracha Ramen

creamy sriracha ramen

This spicy-creamy combo will rock your world. If you love a flavor punch, upgrade your usual ramen with just a few simple ingredients. Our Chicken broth is the star here, mellowing out the sriracha’s heat while building an intensely flavorful base. Try with our Chicken Ramen Noodle Cup, Fried Garlic Chicken, or Vegetarian Miso for delicious results.

chicken ramen cupfried garlic ramen pack  . vegetarian miso noodle pack






2. Spicy Cheese Ramen

spicy cheese ramen

 Who knew American cheese was a ramen powerhouse? Trust us, it adds incredible creamy richness to your noodles. We’ll ditch the water and cook our ramen in milk for this one.

As it simmers, stir in some gochujang – that amazing Korean chili paste – and the melted cheese. You get a thick, comforting bowl that’s sweet, salty, spicy, and totally addictive. Start with our Chicken Ramen and go wild!

3. Gochujang Butter Noodles 

gochujang butter noodles


This one’s trending for a reason. Imagine buttery noodles infused with the spicy, savory depth of gochujang. We leave out the flavor packet for this recipe, giving you total control over the taste. 

Cooked MMG Chicken ramen tossed in a simple gochujang-butter sauce? Perfection. Sprinkle on toasted sesame seeds for a little extra crunch, and you’ve got an unforgettable meal.

4. Meatball Ramen

meatball ramen

 Spaghetti and meatballs get a ramen makeover! Prepare your favorite Mike’s Mighty Good flavor (our Chicken Ramen is an awesome base), then whip up a quick sauce of garlic, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce, and paprika. Toss in some frozen meatballs and simmer them in that glaze.

The sweet and savory sauce coats the noodles and tender meatballs – it’s comfort food at its finest.

5. Cheesy Rice Ramen 

cheesy rice ramen

Ramen and rice? We know it sounds wild but trust us. Cooked ramen noodles get a gooey blanket of melted mozzarella, then are layered on a fluffy bed of rice. 

Cut the noodles for easier eating, sprinkle on furikake for that savory umami kick, and dive in! This is the ultimate carb-lover’s paradise.

Your Ramen, Your Rules

ramen recipes for college students

The beauty of ramen is how easy it is to make it your own. Forget the flavor packet and take control. Here are a few categories of add-ins to get your creative juices flowing: 

  • Veggies: Frozen vegetables are a quick and easy way to boost your ramen’s nutritional value. Peas, carrots, corn, or broccoli cook right alongside your noodles for a fuss-free veggie fix.
  • Protein: Adding protein transforms ramen from a snack into a meal. Leftover chicken or pork adds a savory depth, while hot dogs or sausage bring a unique flavor twist.
  • Flavor Boosters: A little grated ginger or minced garlic adds incredible depth of flavor. Top your bowl with sliced green onions, a drizzle of sesame oil, a swirl of your favorite hot sauce, or a splash of soy sauce.

Let your imagination run wild, and have some fun creating ramen dishes that are 100% you!

Say Goodbye to Boring Ramen

With a little imagination, ramen becomes anything you want it to be. Want even more ramen magic? Trade in those flavor packets for the incredible broths and steamed-not-fried noodles from Mike’s Mighty Good. You won’t believe how much better ramen can taste.

Take Your Ramen Game to the Next Level

Ramen is cheap, versatile, and the perfect college meal when you need something quick and delicious. Don’t settle for boring ramen nights. Get creative, add your favorite ingredients, and prove that amazing meals don’t have to break the bank.

Want to level up your ramen game even further? Ditch those flavor packets and experience the difference with Mike’s Mighty Good. Our craft ramen is made with wholesome ingredients, steamed-not-fried organic noodles, and insanely flavorful broths. Not only will it taste way better, but you’ll feel good about what you’re eating. 

Join the ramen revolution. Embrace your inner chef, experiment with flavors, and discover the ultimate comfort food upgrade with Mike’s Mighty Good.

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Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast