Netflix & Ramen Pairings

Nothing goes better with a night in than a good Netflix show and tasty ramen. From intense dramas to light reality shows, these are a few of the Netflix shows we’ve been watching recently, plus a ramen dish that goes with it. Save some money on dinner & a movie out and curl up on your couch with a comforting bowl of ramen and a good show instead.

Mike’s Mighty Good ramen is as easy to make as any instant ramen, but our craft ramen is as close to ramen bar noodles as you can get with hot water and just a few minutes. Perfect for a fun date night, self love, or a night in with a friend, treat yourself with a lazy meal that tastes like you spent hours on it.

Having snacks during a Netflix marathon is a must, and we’ve been loving some delicious ramen for our all-day couch marathons.

We compiled a list of some of our favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows & the flavors we’d pair with them! Fire up Netflix and get your noodles ready; you're about to be seriously entertained.

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Netflix originals

Floor is Lava

Floor Is Lava | Netflix Official Site

Spicy Beef Gyoza Ramen

Gyoza Ramen

We’re kind of obsessed with the concept of this show. We all played the game as kids where we pretended the floor was lava and hopped around our living rooms trying not to touch the ground. Well, Netflix made it into a legit competition show and it had us rolling with laughter. The contestants give you a full show, literally pretending to sink into the “lava” when they fall in. It’s incredible.

This probably comes as no surprise but we’re pairing this show with our Spicy Beef cup! While it’s not hot enough to be considered “lava” you’ll feel like you’re fully immersed in the experience. Heat up a cup of spicy beef ramen and enjoy it as you watch the contestants work to avoid the “lava.”

Make your ramen cup feel like actual lava with your favorite hot sauce and some sliced jalapeños, or try some of our favorite spicy beef recipes:

General Tso’s Meatball Ramen

Ribeye Steak Ramen

Cheesy Beef Craft Ramen

Squid Game

Squid Game | Netflix Official Site

Rabokki Ramen

rabokki ramen

People went craaazy when Squid Game came out. This Korean drama is a super violent, but also at times touching, twist on a reality show. Run by the ultra-rich, the competition pits people in need of money against one another with the highest of stakes: either you win or you die. 

The protagonist, Gi Hun, takes his daughter out for Tteokbokki on her birthday. We’re pairing Squid Game with our Rabokki Ramen, a Korean dish that combines ramen noodles and Tteokbokki, or spicy rice cakes.

Tteokbokki is a hyper-delicious Korean street food traditionally made from Korean rice cakes, fish cakes, soup broth, and gochujang or Korean chili paste. The combination is usually rich, and saucy, but not necessarily brothy, it is also filled with an earthy spiciness that is insanely addicting.

Of course, this recipe uses a Vegetarian Kimchi Ramen Pillow Pack to really hit home the Korean flavors. Eating this dish while watching Squid Game will transport you into the show…without having to risk your life.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things | Netflix Official Site

Bourbon Ponzu Chicken Ramen

Bourbon Ponzu Chicken Ramen Bowl

Stranger Things has propelled Netflix through 6 years of entertainment. Filled with supernatural creatures and government secrets, this series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. 

To honor the all-American feel of the spooky small town, watch the new episodes with a bowl of bourbon ponzu chicken ramen. Though Kentucky is known as the bourbon state, there are also lots of distilleries in its bordering state, Indiana.

If Hopper were to make one of our recipes, it would definitely be this one. Can’t you imagine him slurping on a noodle bowl full of bourbon-marinated chicken?

This recipe is made with one of our favorites, fried garlic chicken ramen, plus ​​pan-seared bourbon ponzu chicken. 

Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset | Netflix Official Site

Glowing Kimchi Ramen Bowl


If smutty reality shows are more your speed, Selling Sunset is one that will entertain you with its endless petty drama. From the designer outfits to the crazy multi-million dollar homes in the Hollywood Hills, this show SCREAMS the rich & elite of Los Angeles. 

If there are two things uppity Angelenos like to eat, it’s avocado and health foods. We have both of those things in our Glowing Kimchi Ramen Bowl made with microgreens (lots of nutrients), kimchi (good for your gut), and avocado (healthy fats). We made this California-style kimchi ramen bowl with everything you need to get glowed up and feeling great. 

We used a pack of our kimchi ramen, which makes this recipe vegetarian and vegan-friendly (just leave out the egg).  

We’d like to think this glowing kimchi ramen bowl is Oppenheim-approved. Wear your best outfit and eat this bowl while watching Selling Sunset to help you feel like a rich real estate agent.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re kicking back for a weekend and catching up on the newest and most popular Netflix titles, or you want to fit one of these in each day, these Netflix and ramen pairings are sure to have you feeling satisfied and entertained.

Do you have your own favorite movie-ramen pairing? Share it with us on social media and we’ll include it in our next roundup + give you a shout out!

Want some more recipe inspiration? Check out our recipe page! We have toooons of creative ramen recipes with any type of protein, topping, and flavor.

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