8 Ridiculously Good Seafood Ramen Recipes to Make Right Now

There are plenty of fish in the sea – why not add some to your next bowl of steamy ramen?

After a long day of work, a delicious meal has some pretty amazing healing powers. Unfortunately, the best mood-boosting foods often require long amounts of prep, some running to the grocery store to get that obscure ingredient, and often a ton of reading instructions.

Not exactly the best way to unwind. 

But you’re in luck, because the key ingredient to solving your busy night blues might just be sitting in your cabinet already. We’re talking about ramen, folks. And just as there are hundreds of craft beer or wine styles, there are equally as many different styles of gourmet ramen. You’ve heard of crab cakes, salmon burgers, and shrimp tacos; now it’s time to expand your horizon.

Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite ways to prepare a bowl of ramen noodles; Seafood style. 

If you need proof that seafood ramen is where it’s at, keep scrolling for some of the most drool-worthy seafood ramen recipes.  

The Best Seafood Ramen Recipes

@livelymeals’ Shrimp Kimchi Ramen

Speaking of drooling, we can’t stop salivating over @livelymeals’ seafood ramen creation with vegetarian kimchi ramen noodles, cilantro, green onions, bok choy and of course… SHRIMP

Quick to prepare, not-too-expensive, and extremely satisfying, this recipe is a weeknight dinner home run. 

Miso Crusted Salmon Ramen from @thecuttingveg 

If there’s one thing you can count on right now, it’s this salmon + ramen recipe. 

Everything’s better in bowl form, and this salmon recipe is no exception. We love this fish for a long list of reasons, but at the top of that list is it’s astonishing versatility and adaptability. 

You are sorely missing out if you never try a piece of salmon perched atop a steaming bowl of ramen noodles – Savory Miso ramen specifically, TBH. 

Chili Garlic Shrimp Ramen

This recipe- like practically every meal you add shrimp to- is absolutely divine. Make it the way @thetastebunny does, or make it your own and add whatever you have in the freezer/pantry/fridge. We promise you won’t be disappointed when you mix ramen and seafood, it’s a match made in culinary heaven.

Surf & Turf Ramen


A fresh take on a good old classic. Our Savory Beef Ramen noodles are the perfect foundation for ramen toppings of the seafood persuasion, like shrimp- a pretty fantastic combination if we do say so ourselves. 

Lobster Tail Miso Ramen

@hungryhungryheejin made her own seafood ramen with our savory miso ramen and added lobster tail, soft boiled egg, mushrooms, and some greens.  

Have you tried adding lobster tail to your ramen? Well, you should. You can obviously get as fancy or basic as you want with this, but for the full lobster tail ramen recipe, head over to our recipe here.  

Shrimp & Ramen Noodle Stir Fry by @thecuttingveg

Shrimp & Ramen Noodle Stir Fry by @thecuttingveg

One of the things that makes ramen noodles. So. Freaking. Great. Is that you can do pretty much anything you want to them. Fill your bowl with rich broth? Check. Ditch the broth and opt for a stir-fry version instead? Double check. 

That’s exactly what @thecuttingveg chose when she was having one of her busy-but-want-good-food days. Click here to get her full recipe. 

Head-on Prawn Miso Ramen from @nom_life

The secret to making this showstopper of a noodle bowl? The perfect ramen egg. When it comes to seafood ramen, there are very few ingredients that will top it off better than a soft-boiled egg. 

Here’s how to make a perfect ramen egg, if you’re feeling a little adventurous tonight.

Garlic Ghee Shrimp Ramen

Garlic Ghee Shrimp

You know when a recipe tells you to add garlic, and you know you’re going to double it? Well, in this recipe we just went ahead and factored that in. The combination of garlic and ghee is what gives this seafood ramen its smooth, buttery texture, plus all the garlicky flavor you could ever want. 

Get the full recipe here

What Should I Know About Cooking with Seafood?

Cooking with fish can be complicated, and its delicate flavors can be easily overpowered. When you’re preparing seafood, salt, pepper and some herbs (or fresh lemon juice) will do the job perfectly

When you’re shopping for seafood, be picky. Choose fish that is refrigerated or displayed on a thick bed of fresh ice (that’s not melting). Fresh seafood should always smell fresh, not overly “fishy” or sour. 

When you’re buying frozen seafood, make sure to avoid packages that are torn, crushed or tampered with in any way to ensure total freshness. Also avoid seafood packages with signs of frost or ice crystals, which indicates that the seafood has been thawed and then refrozen.

Store your seafood in the refrigerator if you’re going to eat it within 2 days. If you’re not going to use it within 2 days, wrap it up tightly and store it in the freezer. Typically- depending on variants like temperature and climate- your fish can last anywhere from 3-6 months in the freezer.  

Cooking can be a total blast, and cooking GOOD FOOD is even better. 

You’re probably staying at home more than ever before, so now would be the perfect time to start stocking up on seafood and ramen noodles- a duo so good that we compiled a whole list of recipes for it! 

If you have a tried-and-true seafood ramen recipe, we’d love to try it as well. Share it with us below or tag us on Instagram @mikesmightygood

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