How To Make Japanese Mayo at Home

Want to try the mayo ramen hack or the Emily Mariko salmon bowl, but you can't find Japanese mayo at the store? Here's how to make your own. And don't worry – it's only a couple simple steps. 

Kewpie mayo, or Japanese mayo, is slightly different (and many would say better) than traditional mayonnaise. The flavor is brighter and richer, and it pairs perfectly with ramen. Here's how we like to make our mayo ramen.

Japanese Mayo

Japanese mayo uses egg yolks rather than whole eggs for a more custard-like texture and a rich flavor.

The dashi powder in this recipe replaces the MSG that's found in Kewpie, which adds an umami flavor that differentiates this mayo from the American kind. The addition of dijon mustard is for texture and a tangy flavor.

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Make Delicious Japanese Mayo at Home


A blender or food processor are ideal for combining the ingredients. Learn more about the difference between Japanese and American mayo here.

Japanese mayo


This may not beat Kewpie, but it's a great substitute you can whip up in a pinch with fairly common ingredients.

Watch our video on how to make Japanese mayo here.

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