Salmon Miso Ramen

Did you know that when salmon swim upstream, they can jump up to 2 yards in the air? Maybe if you eat this instant ramen salmon bowl you can jump as high too, just maybe. Even if it doesn't work, at the very least, you'll be eating a delicious bowl of salmon miso craft ramen with organic noodles!

This 6-ingredient recipe is super simple and the perfect balance of rich broth, buttery salmon, a perfect poached egg, and fresh veggies.

Salmon Miso Ramen

Start by rubbing olive oil and chili flakes on a salmon fillet and baking for 12 minutes. Prep the veggies by washing and chopping them.

Cook the dry noodles in a pot with bok choy and mushrooms. Add in flavor and oil packet to create a rich broth. Assemble your bowl and enjoy!

We're using our pork broth-based savory miso ramen soup, which has a super rich, umami broth.


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