Spicy Chicken Miso Ramen

Want a spicy, umami meal that sticks to your ribs? Spicy chicken miso ramen doesn’t just get the job done, it’s also easy to prepare.

We start out with a packet of Mike’s Mighty Good Savory Miso Ramen Noodles. The broth is incredibly rich, with an intense umami flavor. Then we add some chicken and a gooey soft-boiled egg, which provide plenty of bulk and protein.

Add in some other spices, then top things off with some spicy gochujang sauce, and you have a complete meal. Want to know all the details? Keep on reading!

Why Choose Mike’s Mighty Good?

MMG ramen

The heart of any ramen recipe is the noodles. You can have the most exciting, zesty recipe of all time, and if the noodles aren’t up to standard, you’re going to be disappointed. And we like to think that Mike’s Mighty Good noodles are the best on the market.

Okay, maybe we’re biased.

But there are still some very good reasons you should use our noodles. Here are a few of them.

Honest, Simple Ingredients

If you have a packet of commercial ramen lying around, take a look at the ingredients. It’s okay; we’ll wait.

Did you see a bunch of ingredients you couldn’t pronounce? Were there things like whey protein that have no business being in a ramen? It’s just an unfortunate fact that the big brands use some less-than-ideal ingredients.

Now, check out the ingredients in a packet of Mike’s Mighty Good noodles. All of the ingredients are simple things you’d find in your grandma’s kitchen. We use just organic wheat, salt, and water - that’s it. If you went to a ramen bar in Japan, the noodles would most likely be made with the same ingredients.

Steamed, Organic Noodles

Another thing that separates Mike’s Mighty Good noodles from the competition is the cooking method. Ramen bar-style noodles are steamed, which is what gives it its chewy, springy texture.

Sadly, most big ramen brands use oil to flash-fry their noodles. This has some advantages from a commercial perspective. It’s cheaper, which helps to cut costs. But it’s also faster than steaming, which allows companies to crank out more noodles.

But this comes at a cost. For one thing, you lose out on the distinct texture of traditional ramen. But residual oil also remains in the noodles, and it alters the taste of your recipe.

We make our noodles by steaming, so you get the texture and mouth-feel you expect from a quality pack of noodles. If you’ve never had steamed noodles before, you’re going to notice the difference! You’ll pay a little bit more, but we think you deserve the best noodles possible.

A Complex Flavor Profile

Part of the reason commercial brands use so much salt is because it’s cheap and it overpowers your taste buds. When there’s enough salt in your ramen, you won’t notice that there’s no complexity to the flavor. It’s literally impossible, because your taste buds are flooded with salt.

If you go to a ramen bar, you’ll notice that the flavor is complex and nuanced. Yes, there’s a generous amount of salt, as there is in any broth. But you can taste a variety of other spices, as well as the flavors from your veggies and meats. It’s not junk food – it’s a gourmet meal.

At Mike’s, we follow the same philosophy. We fill our flavor packets with a complex blend of herbs and spices, so you can enjoy the varied, layered flavor you deserve.

Spicy Chicken Miso Ramen Recipe

Spicy Chicken Miso Ramen

Are you ready to make an amazing meal? Here’s how to prepare spicy chicken miso ramen!


Start out with one Mike’s Mighty Good Savory Miso Ramen Pillow Pack. In addition to that, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 cup of gochujang sauce
  • 1 egg
  • Mushrooms
  • Green onions
  • Baby corn
  • White sesame seeds
  • Salt and pepper


Put the oil in a skillet, and turn the burner up to medium. Salt and pepper your chicken breasts to taste, and add them to the pan when the oil is shimmering. Turn the chicken every minute or two to keep it from burning.

While this is going on, start preparing your ramen pack, following the instructions on the package. You should also soft boil your egg in another pot.

Add half of the gochujang sauce to the pan with the chicken, along with the mushrooms, corn, and green onions. When your noodles are finished, add the other half of the sauce to your broth and thoroughly stir it in.

Slice into both chicken breasts to verify that they’re fully cooked, then combine everything into the same bowl. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the top as a garnish, and you’re ready to enjoy an outstanding bowl of ramen.

Other Ramen Recipe Ideas

Is spicy chicken miso ramen not your jam? Don’t worry! Ramen is a versatile food that can be prepared in all kinds of ways. In fact, we have an entire recipes section dedicated to different options. Here are just a few of the ways we make ramen in our own kitchens.

Rabokki Ramen

How to Make Rabokki Ramen

Rabokki ramen is a vegetarian dish, albeit not a vegan one. We use Mike’s Mighty Good Vegetarian Kimchi Ramen, and serve it over two flat Korean rice cakes. Gochujang paste adds some serious kick, and a poached egg gives you all the protein you need. Pour the broth over the top, and it soaks right into the rice cakes – delicious!

Coconut Curry Ramen

Coconut Curry Ramen

Coconut curry ramen is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a classic combination of sweet and spicy which is sure to tickle your tastebuds. You start with a Mike’s Mighty Good Garlic Chicken Ramen Pillow Pack, then add some curry paste for extra heat. At the same time, you pour coconut milk into the broth, which gives it a sweet overtone and mellows out the feisty curry flavor. Ground chicken serves as a protein source, and adds plenty of flavor of its own.

Spicy Cheesy Ramen

Spicy Cheesy Ramen

If you want a truly decadent ramen bowl, look no further. Spicy cheesy ramen uses garlic, hot sauce, and sriracha to crank up the temperature. Meanwhile, you stir milk into the broth, which makes it nice and creamy off the bat. Put some American cheese slices across the top, and it will melt into a gooey pile of deliciousness.

Breakfast Ramen Bowl

Breakfast Ramen Bowl

The breakfast ramen bowl puts an interesting twist on everybody’s favorite noodle bowl. Instead of dinnertime foods, it’s packed with things like bacon, eggs, and cherry tomatoes that embody the classic American breakfast. Green onions add just a touch of bite, while a pork ramen packet hints at breakfast sausage.

Use Mike’s Mighty Good Noodles to Get the Best Ramen Bowl

As you can see, our spicy chicken miso ramen recipe is filling and packed with flavor. And since you can make it in less than 15 minutes, it’s great for late nights or quick afternoon snacks.

But it makes a big difference what type of noodles you use. Don’t sell your taste buds short with a boring commercial noodle and salt-packed flavor pack. Choose a noodle that lives up to the high standards you set for the rest of your diet.

Mike’s Mighty Good noodles are steamed, not fried. By starting with the best noodles, you’ll get a perfect bowl of ramen.

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