Spicy Parmesan Ramen

Spicy gochugaru + parmesan cheese + ramen noodles = an unexpectedly AMAZING bowl of ramen. Parmesan may seem like a strange thing to put on ramen, but it adds this perfect tangy saltiness to the noodles. In fact, cheesy ramen is one of our favorite ways to prepare ramen noodles.

Here at Mike's Mighty Good, we make ramen bar quality ramen accessible to everyone. Let's get into the recipe below.

Spicy Parm Ramen

We used Mike's Mighty Good spicy beef ramen as the base for this dish, but you can use any flavor, including our vegetarian ramen flavors.

The first step is to cook just the noodles, leaving the flavor packets aside for later. Heat up 4 tbsp neutral oil in a small pot. Meanwhile, in a heat-proof bowl, add chopped green onions, garlic, gochugaru, and ½ the ramen soup base packet. 

When the oil is hot, carefully pour it over the sauce, mixing to combine and cook the ingredients. Drain the ramen noodles and stir them into the sauce. Top with green onions and parmesan and enjoy!

spicy beef ramen

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