Enoki Cheesy Ramen

This easy 4-ingredient vegetarian ramen recipe features enoki mushrooms and gooey melted cheese. Enoki mushrooms have a crunchy texture that is so fun to eat, and they're extremely nutritious, containing an array of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Use Mike's Mighty Good ramen as a base for your noodle soup – any variety, but to keep it vegetarian we recommend either our vegetable ramen cup or kimchi ramen pillow pack.

Enoki Mushroom Cheesy Ramen - Mike's Mighty Good

All of our vegetarian ramen is also vegan. You might be asking, "IS ramen vegan?" Get the full explanation here. The simple answer is, while ramen noodles are typically vegan by nature, flavor packets are a different story. 

Vegans can also partake in this enoki cheesy goodness by adding tofu instead of an egg and using vegan cheese. 

Enoki cheesy ramen

You can add any other toppings and/or garnishes you'd like. We garnished this bowl with green onions and sesame seeds. Here's a list of ramen toppings to get your creative juices flowing.

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