Hangover Ramen

Just in case you need a hangover cure...this hearty ramen bowl has carbs, fatty meat, and a sprinkle of veggies to help your body forget what you did to it the night before.

Shoutout to Chef Chris Cho on TikTok  for showing us this recipe! We used thin strips of bork belly and Mike's Mighty Good savory beef ramen in our version.

Hangover RamenStart by cooking chopped green onions in a pan with hot oil.  Add minced garlic, gochugaru, bean sprouts your savory beef ramen pack soup base, and 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil.

Once boiling, add the ramen noodles, and while this is cooking, fry up some pork belly strips or other meat of your choice. Top your ramen with the pork belly and some fresh green onions.


Mike’s Mighty Good noodles are steamed, not fried. By starting with the best noodles, you’ll get a perfect bowl of ramen.

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"Mike's Mighty Good has permanently changed my lunch game. Never knew an 'instant soup' could be so good."

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant of the Stuff You Should Know Podcast