Korean Corn Cheese Ramen

You've seen Korean corn cheese taking over the internet, but have you tried it on your ramen? Stop what you're doing right now, my friend. You need Korean Corn Cheese Ramen in your life. It's creamy and sweet and spicy all at the same time and is so ridiculously good. This recipe went viral on Tiktok and we're sharing it with you because you're awesome and we're too nice to keep it secret. 

How to Make Crazy Addictive Korean Cheese Corn Ramen!

Cheese corn is one of the more addictive side dishes you can find at your local Korean BBQ joint, and when you add ramen to the mix, you've got an insanely flavorful combination.

For the initiated, Korean Cheese Corn, or Corn Cheese, depending on who you ask, is a delicious combination of sweet, salty, roasted corn, and super melty, gooey mozzarella cheese. Most often served as one of the myriads of side dishes that accompanies any great Korean Barbecue, there is not. a lot that's better than eating some incredible Kalbi or Pork belly and a hot plate of Korean Cheese Corn.

How to make korean cheese corn ramen

How to Make Korean Corn Cheese & Ramen Noodles.

Whether you're craving a fresh plate of Korean Corn Cheese or just looking for a new way to dress up your next bowl of ramen, the combination of the two creates an earth-shattering level of flavor.

The key to delicious cheese corn is a mixture of great Japanese-style Kewpie mayonnaise, butter, and sugar. While starting with high-quality corn is always key, you can achieve great results with frozen corn kernels as well, making it easy to create incredible Korean Corn Cheese Ramen year-round.

Building flavor in the pan is key and allowing the corn to lightly caramelize will only increase that sweet corn flavor. Once you've roasted the corn to perfection you can add in the cooked ramen noodles, seasoning packet, and cover the entire mixture with cheese.

Covering your saute pan with a lid is key to creating top-notch cheese corn ramen. By allowing the moisture from the corn, butter, and ramen to help steam the cheese into a gooey, melty, cheese masterpiece of flavor.

Which cheese is best for Cheese Corn Ramen?

Most Corn Cheese recipes use mozzarella cheese because of its neutral flavor, and incredible melting ability. Mozzarella has the ability to melt evenly and completely creating an insanely rich texture and mouthfeel with that perfect "cheese pull" which looks great in photos for the 'gram.

That being said, when it comes to cheese corn ramen, you can go with whatever cheese you have on hand or whatever you think will taste best. Pre-shredded cheeses like mozzarella, cheddar, or cheddar/jack blend will always work well. Harder cheeses like parmesan will do well but you won't get that melty, gooey, cheesy effect than softer cheeses provide. Honestly, we’re kind of obsessed with American cheese singles too!

More flavorful cheeses like gruyere, gouda, or swiss will do well as well, but make sure you're a fan of the flavor profile because you are going to be using a lot for your cheese corn ramen and you'll want to use something you really enjoy.

Instant ramen cups make Cheese Corn Ramen a Breeze!

While you can use whatever instant ramen you have on hand for your next batch of Korean Cheese Corn Ramen, using instant ramen cups makes it a ton easier to make this delicious recipe.

Instant ramen options like Mike's Mighty Good Vegetarian Craft Ramen soup cups are a perfect way to cut down on the cooking time and also your eventual clean-up. Mike's Mighty Good Instant Ramen Cups come with a separate seasoning packet included in the cup which means you can cook the noodles by themselves and save the seasoning packet to use when pan-roasting the delicious cheese corn.

Simply pour boiling water into the noodle cup up to the fill line and allow the noodles to steep while you prepare the cheese corn topping in a saute pan on your stove. Once the noodles are fully cooked you can strain the liquid, toss the cup in the trash or recycling, and drop the noodles right into your saute pan with the corn, seasonings, and butter.

From there all you need to do is cover the noodle/corn mixture with a metric ton of delicious mozzarella cheese, American cheese, or whatever type you feel like using and then cover it with a lid to allow the cheese to steam and melt.

Korean Cheese Corn Ramen!

This Korean Corn Cheese ramen recipe will quickly become one of your favorite ways to prepare ramen noodles. Just make sure you keep some frozen corn on hand during the colder months, or a few ears of delicious sweet corn in your refrigerator during the summer and you'll never be far from your next bowl of insanely delicious Cheese Corn Ramen!

Did you enjoy this insanely tasty Korean Cheese Corn Ramen Recipe? Let us know some of you favorite unique ramen/flavor combos in the comments and we'll be sure to check them out!

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