Pork Dumpling Ramen

Is there actually anything better than ramen with dumplings? We made these easy, delicious pork dumplings to go with our spicy pork tonkotsu ramen. Save extra dumplings and have the perfect ramen topping for days!

Making dumplings from scratch may seem daunting, but it's a very comforting process and produces these amazing little pillows of yumminess.


We recommend you make a big batch of dumplings – have some in your other ramen bowls, like this comforting dumpling ramen soup, and freeze the rest for later.

Chinese dumplings have been around for a looong time: 1,800 years, in fact! Legend says Zhang Zhongjian cooked up these ear-shaped bites for his neighbors who had frostbite on their ears during a cold winter. But everyone loved them so much, they started eating them year round.

Pork Dumpling Ramen

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