How To Make Dipping Noodles

Dipping ramen, or tsukemen, is a noodle dish slightly different than the typical bowl of brothy ramen you're probably used to. Tsukemen is composed of noodles served with a separate bowl of hot broth. 

Instead of pulling noodles out of broth, you dip them in the broth on the side, which acts as more of a sauce to flavor the noodles. Because the noodles aren't submerged in liquid, they keep their bouncy texture throughout the meal.

Dipping Noodles

The origin of dipping noodles is found in 1955 at ramen shop run by Kazuo Yamagishi. This dish was first eaten by the staff at the shop using cold leftover noodles dipped in flavor-intense sauce. This method of eating ramen caught on in the following years and is now so popular it's found far away from Japan in places like Los Angeles. 

Use Mike's Mighty Good Soy Sauce Ramen as a base for this recipe and spice it up with a few added ingredients and toppings.

If you want to eat it like they did in the original shop in Japan, wash and cool your noodles before eating them. The noodles are the star of this dish, and Mike's Mighty Good uses organic noodles made fresh daily. Watch our video on how to eat dipping noodles here.

Vegetarian soy sauce ramen noodles

Avoid soggy noodles, try dipping ramen instead!

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